CASR-TSE: Context-aware Web Services Recommendation for Modeling Weighted Temporal-Spatial Effectiveness


Recent years have witnessed the growing research interest in the Context-Aware Recommender System (CARS). CARS for Web service provide sopportunities for exploring the important role of temporal and spatial contexts, separately. Although many CARS approacheshave been investigated in recent years, they do not fully address the potential of temporal-spatial correlations in order to make personalized recommendation. In this paper, the Context-Aware Services Recommendation based on Temporal-Spatial Effectiveness (named CASR-TSE) method is proposed. We first model the effectiveness of spatial correlations between the user’s location and the service’s locationon user preference expansion before the similarity computation. Second, we present an enhanced temporal decay model considering the weighted rating effect in the similarity computation to improve the prediction accuracy. Finally, we evaluate the CASR-TSE method on a real-world Web services dataset.Experimental results show that the proposed method significantly outperforms existing approaches, and thus it is much more effective than traditional recommendation techniques for personalized Web service recommendation.

IEEE transactions on services computing